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Office 2010 Style Ribbon Toolbar in HTML/CSS/JS

Originally posted at on June 8, 2011

I have created an implementation of the Office 2010 Ribbon toolbar that can be used in any website. It is written in HTML, CSS, and JS. Try a demo at or watch the video at


Some highlights

  • Default (silver and blue) and alternate (silver and red) themes
  • .less styling so you can make your own themes easily
  • 2010-style Backstage feature (optional)
  • 2 button sizes
  • Buttons can have a disabled state
  • Tabs, sections, and buttons can all have custom HTML (such as bold or entities) in their titles
  • Optional hot and disabled icon states
  • Full HTML in ScreenTip (tooltip) supported
  • So far I’ve tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 8+.
  • Uses the jQuery framework.

There’s still a lot of work left to be done, but I wanted to get it on here.

Please note that you legally should license the ribbon UX from Microsoft (for free) at

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Office 2010 Style Ribbon Toolbar in HTML/CSS/JS



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