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Use arbitrary (trusted) libraries:
build hat-cabal which transforms a cabal package into a cabal hat-package that
wraps the original package (depending on it).
build also(?) hat-wrap which given a set of Haskell modules produces a set of
hat-modules that wrap the given ones.
Wrapping requires type declarations for all exported functions.
Wrapping will transform all class and instance definitions.
A Wrap class
single class sufficient of for each type constructor kind?
example: fmap :: Functor c => (a -> b) -> (c a -> c b)
do we lose polymorphism?
e.g. last :: [a] -> a ==> glast :: Wrap a => List a -> a
Can we avoid repeated wrapping->unwrapping
e.g. sequence of IO operations, incl. >>=
Idea: second data constructor for R (Wrap exp trace)
that basically lazy wrapping
all tracing combinators need change; that sufficient?
Tool text user interfaces:
editable command line: haskeline
colour and cursor-movements: ansi-terminal System.Console.ANSI
Tool web user interface:
use HTML 5 (minimal server and javascript (jquery?))
share implementation with text user interface
Support exceptions fully:
support both raising and catching of any exception
what does the trace look like?
does it work with optimisation of keeping trace-file-updates in a stack?
is that optimisation worthwhile? big write buffer not easier?
(memory-mapped file)
catch-all at main to record exception as starting point in trace
Problem with defaulting:
XExtendedDefaultRules is insufficient, only for ghci to handle also Show, Eq and Ord
Handle whole Haskell syntax plus some extensions:
(Well, the library is used, but for many extensions hat-trans will produce an error.)