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A mod for Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
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Monstergirl Professions

Monstergirl Professions

This mod adds various monstergirls (or boys) as professions. I've also added a few add-on mutations to buff some underwhelming or negative mutations, they are only available via these professions.

Note that some of these are bound to be unbalanced, since I have relatively little experience with the game.

Installation: Move the Monstergirl Professions folder to CDDA-Root/mods

Currently there are 6 different monstergirl starts, each with an extra variation for mutant scenarios.
In addition to traits listed below, they all also have Pretty and Animal Discord


  • +2 Dodge
  • +2 DEX
  • Feline Ears
  • Long Tail
  • Light Step


  • +2 Melee
  • +2 STR
  • Lupine Ears
  • Fluffy Tail


  • +2 Ranged
  • +2 PER
  • Bird Wings
  • Adapted Wing Muscles (Dodge + Faster obstacles)


  • +2 Swimming
  • +1 DEX
  • +1 INT
  • Leg Tentacles
  • Adapted Tentacle Coordination (No move penalty + Faster obstacles)


  • +2 Survival
  • +1 STR
  • +1 INT
  • Phelloderm
  • Leaves


  • +2 Cooking
  • +1 STR
  • +1 DEX
  • Hooves
  • Adapted Leg Joints (Faster movement on flat ground)
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