Codebase for easy creations of info screens.
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Codebase for easy creations of information screens.

#Documentation The Info-Screen project is build with jQuery and PHP. Bootstrap is at the moment not used in the foundation of Info-Screen, but is implemented for fast plugin development.

##Modules The Info-Screen uses modules to represent different content and allows further development and creations of content to the Info-Screen.

Each module must be wrapped in a folder and contain a index file such as index.html or index.php and a info.json file. The info.json file is used to describe the plugin and set some plugin requirements.

###info.json { "name": "News", "folder": "newsticker", "enabled": true, "order": 6, "airTime": 10, "screenSettings": { "showHeader": true, "showFooter": true }, "scripts": [ "newsCycle.js" ] }

The info.json file has three required fields (name, folder, enabled), the rest of the fields are optional.

  • name Displayed on screen
  • folder Folder name
  • enabled Show or hide module in Info-Screen
  • order If multiple plugins, they are sorted by the order descending first
  • airTime Number of seconds used to show the plugin on screen.
  • screenSettings Used to describe screen requirements
    • showHeader Show or hide the header
    • showFooter Show or hide the footer
  • scripts List of JavaScripts that will be loaded on run.

###JavaScript Files The JavaScript files are encouraged to be encapsulated and use the start and stop callback functions if necessary.

####A typical JS boiler template (function(window) {

	var binding =  {
		start : startFunction,
		stop : stopFunction

	function startFunction() {

	function stopFunction() {

	SCREEN.addListner(binding, "newsticker");

####Available methods

  • SCREEN.addListner(binding, "pluginFolder")
  • SCREEN.updateDuration(seconds)
  • SCREEN.updateCubeBounds()
  • SCREEN.gotoNextModule()