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Windows client for Wireboard, a remote keyboard for Android
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Windows client for Wireboard, a remote keyboard for Android

What is Wireboard

Wireboard lets you use your PC as remote keyboard to type on your phone or tablet via WiFi. It is for everyone who prefers to type on a computer keyboard rather than the small touchscreen of your phone, for example while texting and chatting with friends or when trying to copy a long URL from/to your phone.


  • Easy to use and comfortable typing on your Windows PC, including all the standard features like copy and paste, spell checking, etc
  • Sharing files between your phone and PC over WiFi, for example to attach an image to a chat
  • Shared clipboard functionality
  • Encrypted connections - so it's safe to use in a public WiFi
  • No cloud, third party server, etc involved. All your data stays in your local network
  • Screen Capture support for advanced users



  1. Get the Android part of Wireboard in the PlayStore and install it on your phone.
  2. Follow the notices/instructions of the Android Wireboard until it says "Not connected".
  3. Download the most current release on this site, unpack or install it and start it up

That's it, on most configuations you should be all done. The Windows client will connect to your phone and you can start typing.


The usage should be pretty intuitive. Which is a bit of an excuse for me being too lazy to write a complete documentation yet but it should follow soon(tm).

In the meantime here are some hints and tips, what you can do with Wireboard which you might not have noticed right away:

  • To send a file from your phone to your Windows client, use the "Share" functionality Android provides and select Wireboard as target. For example in the gallery, select one or multiple pictures, select "Share" from the menu and then click on the wireboard icon
  • The round button with the display in the Windows client let's yet set a remove a screen lock, meaning the display of your phone will stay turned on as long as you are connected or toggle the button
  • You can Drag(and drop) files into the Windows client to send them to your phone
  • Double clicking on the status bar in the Windows client will open the Log and Debug Log
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