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Awcesome Framework: Entity Framework for SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-Ins
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AweCsome Framework

AweCsome Framework: Entity Framework for SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-Ins. If you need a quick Overview what it does and if it can help you, read the Why use AweCsome? document.


If you find a bug or have a feature request, feel free to place an issue here. If you need support, please use Stackoverflow or SharePoint SE instead.

I will look there even more often than here. And if you have a reputation of 1500 or above. Feel free to create an "aweCsome" tag :)

Using AweCsome

You can install AweCsome using NuGet. You always need to install two packages: AweCsome.Interfaces and the package for the SharePoint-Version you are using, e.g. AweCsome.O365 or AweCsome.2013

Building AweCsome

If you want to build the source by yourself using Visual Studio you need to update the nuget - packages to met your local structure.

Simply type Update-Package -reinstall and you should be ready to go.

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