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My tools for the Slurm HPC workload manager
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Slurm tools

These Slurm tools have been developed for management and monitoring of our cluster:

  1. pestat Prints a Slurm cluster nodes status with 1 line per node and job info.

  2. slurmreportmonth Generate monthly accounting statistics from Slurm using the sreport command.

  3. slurmacct Generate accounting statistics from Slurm as an alternative to the sreport command

  4. showuserjobs Print the current node status and batch jobs status broken down into userids.

  5. slurmibtopology Infiniband topology tool for Slurm.

  6. Slurm triggers scripts.

  7. Scripts for managing nodes.

  8. Scripts for managing jobs.

  9. Scripts for managing Slurm accounts and users.

Slurm deployment HOWTO

Our Slurm HOWTO guide for setting up a Slurm installation. It's based on CentOS/RHEL 7 Linux, but much of the information should be relevant on other Linuxes as well.


Use the above Clone or download button, or go to the individual tool page, click on the desired file, and then click the Raw button to get a link which you can use for download.

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