Mount NZB files as drives or folders in Linux or Windows (under construction!).
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Mount NZB files as drives or folders in Linux or Windows (under construction!).


  • C++17 (Visual Studio 2017 on Windows)
  • Tinyxml2
  • Openssl
  • Boost libraries:
    • thread
    • filesystem
    • system
  • Libfuse (Linux)
  • Dokany (Windows)
  • Extended WPF Toolkit (Windows)

How to compile on Linux

Install prerequisites (make, g++-8, boost1.69, libssl-dev, tinyxml2, libfuse-dev, libcurlpp-dev, pkg-config) and run make in the src-directory. This should generate an executable nzbmounter.

How to compile on Windows

If you do not already have Visual Studio 2017 or later then download and start a developer virtual machine from:

Start "Visual Studio Installer" and add the following components:

  • Visual C++ MFC for x86 and x64

  • C++/CLI support

Install Dokany from:

Install git:

Launch git-bash and clone NZBDrive repository:

$ git clone

Clone tinyxml2 repository:

$ git clone

Follow the clone- and build instructions for boost:

Clone the OpenSSL repository:

$ git clone

Follow the notes that comes with the OpenSSL source to build the libraries (requires installation of Perl and NASM) and install with prefix ./openssl/x64 and ./openssl/x86.

Start Visual Studio and batch-build all in NZBDrive.sln. The binaries are now located in x86/x64.

Download and install InnoSetup if you want to make an installer:

Download the files:

To the folder "NZBDrive\Source\Windows\NZBDriveInnoSetup". Start Inno Setup Compiler and compile the file "NZBDriveSetupScript.iss".

Usage in Linux

Create an empty directory that you want to use as mount point.

mkdir mnt

Then you can mount an nzb-file with the command:

nzbmounter mnt filename.nzb


  • Fix warnings
  • Proper configure scripts.