Builds the photography-section of my personal website.
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Builds the photography-section of my personal website, pulling in data from Flickr using Node and Gulp. Uses node-flickrapi for data, see .env.json.example for configuration - it is renamed to .env.json for building using OAUTH for calling the API.

Gulp Tasks

Data (gulp data)

Accesses Flickr API and retrieves a JSON-output of all relevant images, saved to app/data.json.

Default (gulp)

Builds interface from templates, styles, and scripts and saves it to dist/index.html with all assets inlined. If LOCAL_IMAGES is set to true (false by default) in .env.json, the Download-task is run, which saves all images (except originals, which are not used) to dist/images and assigns image-paths to this directory rather than their Flickr-URLs.

MIT License 2017 by Ole Vik, all images © Ole Vik. Design by HTML5 Up.