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The HoneyCloud provides a simple browser editor for creating hexagonal maps using FontAwesome icons and exporting the resulting images in PNG format.

The map is SVG-based and allowes you to generate the SVG specific code, so you can easily integrate the images in your websites.

Where can I use it?

Just go here.


Can I get more features?

I know that HoneyCloud is limited in featres. If you want any features to be added, please send me an email:

Feel free to branch it, fork it, change it. I will welcome pull requests from you.

Short User Guide

Global parameters

The drawing area is defined by number of vertical and horizontal cells' count and the grid size that can be chosen between:

  • extra small (around 80px in width),
  • small (around 120px),
  • medium (around 180px),
  • large (around 240px),
  • extra large (around 360px).

The empty cells can be switched to invisible (they assume background color). However, since the area is also used for selection, it is necessary to keep them on when drawing.

Cells and Hex's

By clicking on the cells, you can create, edit or remove a cell. The cells are defined using:

  • background color,
  • inner hexagon's background color,
  • inner hexagon's edge color,
  • color of the icon and text.

With the intention to be able to use the resulting images on websites as, for example, menus, there exist one more field - link.

The link allows to let the icons work as links and direct users to different locations.


The connectors are the lines that point out from a selected cells. In order to edit them, the respective cell needs to be selected together with the direction indicator. It is also possible to toggle between having the lines possess arrows or not.


The walls are similar to the connectors, but they work around the cells. Editing works in the exact same way.

Exporting the output

The output can be exported in two ways:

  1. By clicking on the Export button, the current state of the drawing area is converted to a PNG format and available for download.
  2. By clicking on the Generate button, the text field provided next to displays the current state in using the SVG syntax. All you need is to copy and paste it in to your website within the <svg>...</svg> tags.

Clearing image

Most websites support F5... I mean, just refresh the page.


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


The images below were produced using HoneyCloud.

example 1

example 2

example 3

example 4


Editor for hexagonal maps to produce SVG and PNG diagrams using FontAwesome.







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