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Takes a quickfix list and makes it editable. You can then write each change back to their respective files using your favourite way of writing files, :w or ZZ, for example. Fix multiple JSHint issues at once or perform a complex find and replace across your project all within the comfort of Vim.

Animated demonstration

Using the plugin

As you can see in the demonstration above, all you have to do is populate a quickfix list in some way (I used JSHint, but you could use Ag, for example), then execute :EnMasse. This will open a new buffer with each line corresponding to a line in the quickfix list.

You can then edit each line in any way you want. When done just write this magical buffer and it will update each line in their corresponding files. For more information, check out the documentation!


Tests are performed using vader, to pull the dependencies and run them simply execute ./tests/run. The tests are automatically executed by TravisCI too, so keep an eye on that if you push changes or open a PR. The badge up the top of this README indicates the state of master, it should ALWAYS be green. A test should be written before any change is made.


Oliver Caldwell (@OliverCaldwell)


Find the full unlicense in the UNLICENSE file, but here's a snippet.

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