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This repository holds the files for Off the Rails, a second year SEPR project by team JKG.
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Off The Rails



A turn-based, strategy game heavily relying on route planning and out-smarting your opponent.

Off The Rails provides players with some novel ideas while keeping familiar strategic concepts central to the games mechanics.


  • Dynamic global goals will keep you racing against your opponent to be the first to the destination.
  • Players will be able to spend their wealth on new trains and upgrades for them and items to either help or hinder.
  • Simplistic design, promoting ease of use for the players and developers.
  • Has completed the requirements of the assessment brief.

System Requirements

The game will run on almost all desktop platforms. To edit and run the source code, libGDX and JDK 7 (and above) will be required.

Eclipse is recommended, but not required.

Framework Features

The current source code allows for simple scalability and easy extensions and extra functionality to be added to the game. Due to the Object Oriented nature of Java, new train types, extra players, and goals can be added to the game with litte difficulty.

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