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Oliver's Parser Framework
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Oliver's Parser Framework

A best practice yet simple PHP5 Framework, a few of many of the features are:

  1. OOP: Supporting many features of modern programming
  2. MVC: Build on the Model Viewer Controller Architecture
  3. Small yet Powerful: no unneeded features or any approach of reinventing the wheel
  4. Optional: Database Abstraction layer and Database integration, currently with support for MySQL based Databases, but easily expandeable to other formats.
  5. Templating: A built in Templater, that supports Single as well as recursive listing Templates.
  6. No Extra Plugins needed: We use PHP 5.3.x features, but no PECL or any other plugins that might not be available on a modern secure webserver.
  7. No Operating System bindings: can be run on any kind of hardware that supports serving php code.
  8. In depth documentation: Basically everything is documented.

A basic documentation is included within the source itself, just place the folder into the webdir of your webserver, no install needed, nothing to config first. just upload, open the url in your favorite web browser, and get an idea what its about.

for an in depth external documentation you can visit me here:

Got any questions? contact me here or via my website contact form:

Project site including screenshots and instructions:

If you are interrested to see some additional plugin examples have a look into the OPF plugin repository:

Of course, like everyone who develops something, id love to know if you use it, and where you use it;-)

greetings Oliver

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