A markdown parser for iOS based on discount.
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GHMarkdownParser is a GitHub Flavored Markdown parser for iOS and Mac OS, based on discount.

How to setup GHMarkdownParser in your project

  • add GHMarkdownParser as a submodule to your project

  • navigate into GHMarkdownParser directory and initialize the submodules

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  • drag and drop the GHMarkdownParser.xcodeproj into your project

  • select your project target -> build settings

    • fill Other Linker Flags with -Objc and -all_load
    • add the path of GHMarkdownParser to Library Search Paths and Header Search Paths
  • go into build phases

    • add GHMarkdownParser (for iOS) or GHMarkdownParser Mac (for Mac) to Target Dependencies
    • add libGHMarkdownParser.a (for iOS) or libGHMarkdownParser_Mac.a (for Mac) to Link Binary with Libraries

How to use GHMarkdownParser

  • import the GHMarkdownParser header

    #import "GHMarkdownParser.h"
  • convert any markdown formatted string into HTML

    NSString *markdown = ...;
    NSString *HTML = markdown.flavoredHTMLStringFromMarkdown;
  • Or for greater control:

    GHMarkdownParser *parser = [[GHMarkdownParser alloc] init];
    parser.options = kGHMarkdownAutoLink; // for example
    parser.githubFlavored = YES;
    NSString *html = [parser HTMLStringFromMarkdownString:markdownString];