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wow screenshot

doge is a simple motd script based on the slightly stupid but very funny doge meme. It prints random grammatically incorrect statements that are sometimes based on things from your computer.

For more information about getting a setup like the one in the screenshot, see this dotfiles repo.


  • Randomly placed and colored random strings, complete with broken english.
  • Awesome Shibe in the terminal.
  • Fetching of system data, such as hostname, running processes, current user and $EDITOR.
  • If you have lolcat, you can do this gem: while true; do doge | lolcat -a -d 100 -s 100 -p 1; done (thx hom3chuk)
  • stdin support: ls /usr/bin | doge will doge-print some of the executables found in /usr/bin. wow. There are also multiple command line switches that control filtering and statistical frequency of words. See doge -h, wow.


pip install doge

Ubuntu or Debian users may have to use sudo -H, see issue #61.

If you don't want to do that for whatever reason, there is a proper included, so python install should be just fine for that.

Note that if you are one of the unlucky doges to still run a Python that does not have argparse (<=Python2.6) you will have to install argparse manually from pypi. so old, very update need.

Then, just add a call to doge at the bottom of your shell rc file.


You need a terminal that supports 256 colors running on a system that supports unicode.

The terminal Shibe was created with hax0r Gimp skills and img2xterm.