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% Copyright (C) 2019-2019 Olivier Boudeville
% This file is part of the Ceylan-Mobile library.
% This library is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
% it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License or
% the GNU General Public License, as they are published by the Free Software
% Foundation, either version 3 of these Licenses, or (at your option)
% any later version.
% You can also redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the
% Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 or later.
% This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
% but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
% GNU Lesser General Public License and the GNU General Public License
% for more details.
% You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
% License, of the GNU General Public License and of the Mozilla Public License
% along with this library.
% If not, see <> and
% <>.
% Author: Olivier Boudeville [olivier (dot) boudeville (at) esperide (dot) com]
% Creation date: Sunday, March 24, 2019.
% Allows to test the Ceylan-Mobile services.
% Some test sentences emanate from dear /usr/bin/fortune
% Note that with the 'dummy' Gammu model, TPMR references might be always 255.
-export([ run/0 ]).
run() ->
test_facilities:start( ?MODULE ),
test_facilities:display( "Testing the Ceylan-Mobile service." ),
% Not mobile:start_link(), as here we want to survive a crash of the mobile
% service (i.e. to be able to handle failures explicitly, as messages
% received by this test process):
Info = mobile:get_backend_information(),
test_facilities:display( "Back-end information: ~p.", [ Info ] ),
test_facilities:display( "Device name: ~s.",
[ mobile:get_device_name() ] ),
test_facilities:display( "Device manufacturer: ~s.",
[ mobile:get_device_manufacturer() ] ),
test_facilities:display( "Device model: ~s.",
[ mobile:get_device_model() ] ),
{ RevisionText, DateText, RevisionNumber } =
test_facilities:display( "Firmware information: revision is '~s', "
"date is '~s' and revision number is ~w.",
[ RevisionText, DateText, RevisionNumber ] ),
test_facilities:display( "IMEI code: '~s'.", [ mobile:get_imei_code() ] ),
% This operation may not be supported by the end device:
test_facilities:display( "Hardware information: '~s'.",
[ mobile:get_hardware_information() ] )
HardwareInfoException ->
test_facilities:display( "Failed to get hardware information: ~p",
[ HardwareInfoException ] )
test_facilities:display( "IMSI code: '~s'.", [ mobile:get_imsi_code() ] ),
{ SignalStrength, SignalStrengthPercent, ErrorRate } =
test_facilities:display( "Signal quality: signal strength is ~B dBm (~B%), "
"error rate is ~B%.",
[ SignalStrength, SignalStrengthPercent, ErrorRate ] ),
case preferences:get( mobile_number ) of
undefined ->
test_facilities:display( "No registered preference regarding a "
"target mobile number, no actual sending "
"performed." );
MobileNumber ->
actual_sending_test( MobileNumber )
% Performs actual test sendings.
actual_sending_test( MobileNumber ) ->
% Testing the most common SMS class:
Class = 1,
test_facilities:display( "~n~nThe next sending tests will target the "
"following recipient mobile number: '~s', first "
"with a few single-part SMS, of various lengths, "
"of class ~B, and needing various encodings.",
[ MobileNumber, Class ] ),
% Single (non-multipart) SMS testing:
% Of course short enough not to be truncated:
FirstMessage = "Hello world!",
FirstSMSReport = mobile:send_regular_sms( FirstMessage, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent first (single-part) SMS (message: '~s') "
"with default settings, whose report is: ~w.",
[ FirstMessage, FirstSMSReport ] ),
% With (uncompressed) GSM encoding, the single received SMS should stop just
% after the second 'Tom':
SecondMessage = text_utils:format(
"Goodbye! This is a longer SMS to test their support. "
"See for further details.~n"
"For thee the wonder-working earth puts forth sweet flowers. "
"-- Titus Lucretius Carus~n"
"Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!~n"
"By water, wood and hill, by reed and willow,~n"
"By fire, sun and moon, harken now and hear us!~n"
"Come, Tom Bombadil, for our need is near us!~n"
"-- J. R. R. Tolkien", [] ),
SecondSMSReport = mobile:send_regular_sms( SecondMessage, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent second (single-part) SMS (message: '~s') "
"with default settings, whose report is: ~w.",
[ SecondMessage, SecondSMSReport ] ),
EncodingTestFormatMsg = "This is a text sent in ~ts: aéàùâêîôû; "
"this is a longer message meant to be truncated should a single SMS "
"be used (instead of a multi-part one, involving multiple actual SMS "
"that are to be collected and reassembled by the end device.~n"
"If it happens once, it's a bug. If it happens twice, it's a feature. "
"If it happens more than twice, it's a design philosophy.~n"
"Beauty, n.: The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies "
"a husband. -- Ambrose Bierce",
GSMUncompMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingTestFormatMsg,
[ "GSM uncompressed" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Will be sending now following message: '~ts'.",
% [ GSMUncompMsg ] ),
% With this encoding, "âêîôû" is expected to be sent as "aeiou", and the
% received SMS is expected to stop after 'one, inv':
GSMUncompSMSReport = mobile:send_regular_sms( GSMUncompMsg, MobileNumber,
Class, gsm_uncompressed ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent (single-part) SMS (message: '~s') for the "
"test of GSM uncompressed encoding, "
"whose report is: ~w.",
[ GSMUncompMsg, GSMUncompSMSReport ] ),
UnicodeUncompMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingTestFormatMsg,
[ "Unicode uncompressed" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Sending now: '~ts'.", [ UnicodeUncompMsg ] ),
% With Unicode, "âêîôû" is expected to be received just fine, but the length
% of this single SMS shall be quite small: stopping after "this is a long":
UnicodeUncompSMSReport = mobile:send_regular_sms( UnicodeUncompMsg,
MobileNumber, Class, unicode_uncompressed ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent (single-part) SMS (message: '~s') for the "
"test of Unicode uncompressed encoding, "
"whose report is: ~w.",
[ UnicodeUncompMsg, UnicodeUncompSMSReport ] ),
AutoMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingTestFormatMsg,
[ "automatic encoding selection mode" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Sending now: '~ts'.", [ AutoMsg ] ),
AutoSMSReport = mobile:send_regular_sms( AutoMsg, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent (single-part) SMS (message: '~s') for the "
"test of (automatic) encoding, "
"whose report is: ~w.",
[ AutoMsg, AutoSMSReport ] ),
% Now, multipart testing:
test_facilities:display( "~n~nNow sending the same kind of messages, "
"this time using multipart SMS." ),
FirstMultiSMSReport = mobile:send_multipart_sms( FirstMessage, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent first multipart SMS (message: '~s') "
"with default settings, whose report is: ~w.",
[ FirstMessage, FirstMultiSMSReport ] ),
SecondMultiSMSReport = mobile:send_multipart_sms( SecondMessage,
MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent second multipart SMS (message: '~s') "
"with default settings, whose report is: ~w.",
[ SecondMessage, SecondMultiSMSReport ] ),
EncodingMultiTestFormatMsg = "This is a text sent in ~ts: aéàùâêîôû; "
"this is a longer message meant *not* to be truncated, thanks to the "
"multipart SMS feature.~n"
"On a clear disk you can seek forever.~n"
"$3,000,000. CHUBBY CHECKER just had a CHICKEN SANDWICH in downtown "
"... the MYSTERIANS are in here with my CORDUROY SOAP DISH!! "
"No one ever built a statue to a critic.~n"
"Contains no artificial colors or ingredients. "
"355/113 -- Not the famous irrational number PI, but an incredible "
"I do desire we may be better strangers. "
" -- William Shakespeare, As You Like It.~n"
"Put a rogue in the limelight and he will act like an honest man. "
" -- Napoleon Bonaparte, Maxims.~n"
"It's not whether you win or lose but how you played the game. "
" -- Grantland Rice. STOP.",
GSMMultiUncompMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingMultiTestFormatMsg,
[ "GSM uncompressed" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Will be sending now following message: '~ts'.",
% [ GSMMultiUncompMsg ] ),
GSMMultiUncompSMSReport = mobile:send_multipart_sms( GSMMultiUncompMsg,
MobileNumber, Class, gsm_uncompressed ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent multipart SMS (message: '~s') "
"for the test of GSM uncompressed encoding, "
"whose report is: ~w.",
[ GSMMultiUncompMsg, GSMMultiUncompSMSReport ] ),
UnicodeMultiUncompMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingMultiTestFormatMsg,
[ "Unicode uncompressed" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Sending now: '~ts'.", [ UnicodeMultiUncompMsg ] ),
UnicodeMultiUncompSMSReport =
mobile:send_multipart_sms( UnicodeMultiUncompMsg, MobileNumber,
Class, unicode_uncompressed ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent multipart SMS (message: '~s') "
"for the test of Unicode uncompressed encoding, whose report is: ~w.",
[ UnicodeMultiUncompMsg, UnicodeMultiUncompSMSReport ] ),
AutoMultiMsg = text_utils:format( EncodingMultiTestFormatMsg,
[ "automatic mode" ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Sending now: '~ts'.", [ AutoMsg ] ),
AutoMultiSMSReport = mobile:send_multipart_sms( AutoMultiMsg, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent multipart SMS (message: '~s') "
"for the test of (automatic) encoding, "
"whose report is: ~w.",
[ AutoMultiMsg, AutoMultiSMSReport ] ),
%test_facilities:display( "Sending now the same message in full automatic "
% "mode (regarding encoding and parts)..." ),
FullSMSReport = mobile:send_sms( AutoMultiMsg, MobileNumber ),
test_facilities:display( "~nSent message: '~s' in full automatic mode, "
"report is: ~w.",
[ AutoMultiMsg, FullSMSReport ] ),
% Automatic, single part, test for either encoding:
mobile:send_sms( "Unicode expected: âêîôû.", MobileNumber ),
mobile:send_sms( "GSM-encoding expected (end of test).", MobileNumber ).
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