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% Note: with the newer rebar-based build, there is no more need for an
% hex-dedicated rebar configuration file, or for a custom hook such as
% So this file is mostly obsolete and is scheduled for removal.
% This is a (manually crafted) configuration file of rebar3 *in the context of
% an hex package* (ex: in this case only src/ is packaged, and none of the root
% GNUmake* files), so that Ceylan-Myriad can better integrate in the current OTP
% ecosystem, despite its (more complex) build based on GNU make.
% This is also a template, so that version numbers can be updated from a
% centralized place (namely
% Base layout was obtained thanks to: 'rebar3 new lib myriad', as Myriad is a
% library OTP application (without supervision trees).
% To be run from the library root as 'rebar3 compile' or 'rebar3 release'.
% See also:
% -
% -
% -
% Settings for the 'default' profile follow.
% No dependency (except Erlang of course):
{deps, []}.
% We need to rely on our dedicated build procedure (ex: for the parse transforms
% involved):
{pre_hooks, [ {compile, "priv/hex-packaging/"} ]}.
%{post_hooks, [
% {compile, "echo 'Myriad hex post-compile hook!'"} ]}.
% No release section, only present in the base rebar.config.
% For packages:
% (use 'rebar3 update' to enable the hex plugin)
{plugins, [rebar3_hex]}.