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% Copyright (C) 2018-2019 Olivier Boudeville
% This file is part of the Ceylan-Seaplus tests and examples.
% It has been placed in the public domain.
% Author: Olivier Boudeville [olivier (dot) boudeville (at) esperide (dot) com]
% Part of the foobar Erlang-side API that shall be shared between the
% integration module (foobar.erl) and the user code (ex: foobar_test.erl).
% Mirrors foobar's struct foo_data:
-record( foo_data, {
% Some comment about count:
count :: integer(),
% Some comment about value:
% (note that this corresponds to a C double - not the original float)
value :: float()
} ).
-type foo_data() :: #foo_data{}.
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