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% Note: with the newer rebar-based build, there is no more need for an
% hex-dedicated rebar configuration file, or for a custom hook such as
% So this file is mostly obsolete and is scheduled for removal.
% This is a configuration file of rebar3, so that Ceylan-Traces can better
% integrate in the current OTP ecosystem, despite its (more complex, probably
% more flexible) native build based on GNU make.
% If the name of this file is 'rebar.config', then it is a generated file,
% otherwise it is a template (in conf/rebar.config.template), meant to be filled
% by information coming from
% See the Myriad counterpart file (same name) for more explanations.
% Base layout was obtained thanks to: 'rebar3 new app traces', as Traces is an
% active OTP application (not a mere library).
% To be taken into account, from the library root, through 'make
% rebar3-application' or 'make rebar3-release'.
% Settings for the 'default' profile follow.
% Directly depends on the Ceylan-WOOPER OTP active application (Erlang and
% Ceylan-Myriad implied):
% As a GIT-based dependency:
% (not working properly, as the hex plugin expects a flat source tree
% apparently, so the build of the dependency fails)
%{deps, [ {myriad, {git, "git://",
% {branch, "master"}}},
% {wooper, {git, "git://",
% {branch, "master"} } } ] }.
% As an hex-package dependency:
% (works if the package uses a specific hook script, see
%, to compensate for the GNUmake* root files that the
% package archive will not include at their location)
{deps, [ {wooper, "WOOPER_VERSION_FOR_REBAR"} ] }.
% Include directories found in INC:
{erl_opts, [ {d,myriad_debug_mode}, {d,wooper_debug_mode}, {d,traces_debug_mode}, debug_info, {debug_info_key,"DEBUG_KEY_FOR_REBAR"}, report_warnings, warn_export_all, warn_export_vars, warn_shadow_vars, warn_obsolete_guards, warn_unused_import, warnings_as_errors, {parse_transform,wooper_parse_transform}, INCS_FOR_REBAR ]}.
% Bootstrapped modules (from BOOTSTRAP_MODULES):
{erl_first_files, [ FIRST_FILES_FOR_REBAR ]}.
%{pre_hooks, [ {compile, "make -s rebar3-compile-pre-hook"} ]}.
%{post_hooks, [ {compile, "make -s rebar3-compile-post-hook"} ]}.
% No release section, only present in the base rebar.config.
% For packages:
% (use 'rebar3 update' to enable the hex plugin)
{plugins, [rebar3_hex]}.