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% Copyright (C) 2003-2018 Olivier Boudeville
% This file is part of the WOOPER examples.
% It has been placed in the public domain.
% Author: Olivier Boudeville [olivier (dot) boudeville (at) esperide (dot) com]
% Determines what are the mother classes of this class (if any):
-define( wooper_superclasses, [] ).
% Declaring all variations of WOOPER standard life-cycle operations:
-define( wooper_construct_export, new/0, new_link/0,
synchronous_new/0, synchronous_new_link/0,
synchronous_timed_new/0, synchronous_timed_new_link/0,
remote_new/1, remote_new_link/1, remote_synchronous_new/1,
remote_synchronous_new_link/1, remote_synchronisable_new_link/1,
remote_synchronous_timed_new/1, remote_synchronous_timed_new_link/1,
construct/1, destruct/1 ).
% Declarations of class-specific methods (besides inherited ones).
-define( wooper_method_export, getMeanEggsCount/1, getEggsLaidCount/1,
layEggs/2 ).
% Allows to define WOOPER base variables and methods for that class:
% Import common types without module prefix:
% Constructs a new Ovoviviparous being (parameter-less constructor).
-spec construct( wooper:state() ) -> wooper:state() .
construct( State ) ->
% In order to test the crash of a constructor: non_existing:crash(),
setAttribute( State, eggs_count, 0 ).
% This useless destructor overriding was made to silence Dialyzer (which is not
% able to determine that this function will never be called, as WOOPER performs
% the appropriate test is made beforehand):
-spec destruct( wooper:state() ) -> wooper:state().
destruct( State ) ->
% In order to test the crash of a destructor: non_existing:crash(),
% Method implementations.
% Let's say an average means something here:
% (this ought to be a static method, as it does not depend on a state)
-spec getMeanEggsCount( wooper:state() ) -> request_return( egg_count() ).
getMeanEggsCount( State ) ->
?wooper_return_state_result( State, 1000 ).
% Returns the number of eggs this ovoviviparous laid:
-spec getEggsLaidCount( wooper:state() ) -> request_return( egg_count() ).
getEggsLaidCount( State ) ->
?wooper_return_state_result( State, ?getAttr(eggs_count) ).
% Increases the number of eggs that this ovoviviparous being laid:
-spec layEggs( wooper:state(), egg_count() ) -> oneway_return().
layEggs( State, NumberOfNewEggs ) ->
NewEggCount = ?getAttr(eggs_count) + NumberOfNewEggs,
setAttribute( State, eggs_count, NewEggCount ) ).