MATLAB code to sample arbitrary Lipschitz continuous densities on the interval.
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MATLAB code to generate random variates following arbitrary Lipschitz continuous densities on the interval.


Sample from the normal distribution (Lipschitz constant 0.25) restricted to [-5, 5].

sample = lipsample(@normpdf, 0.25, [-5 5], 10000000);

Plot the result.

pretty_hist(sample, [-5 5]);

Usage and functionalities

sample = lipsample(@f, L, [a b], m); Draws a sample of size m from the probability density function f which is Lipschitz continuous of order L on [a,b].


The function f does not have to be a normalized density, but it should be scaled to be near 1 as to improve efficiency. L is the Lipschitz constant of f, not of its renormalization.

Below you can see the envelope that was automatically constructed for the acceptance-rejection sampling of a triangular density (lipsample(@triangular, 4, [0 1], 1000000, 'N', 9);).