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REST interface with Adafruit-IO

From Java

The project contains small classes showing how to communicate with Adafruit-IO through REST services.

You need to have your own key, and provide it as a system variable, using -Dkey=50c0707070c070302030a01040d020a0a0908050 from the command line.

In the examples, the code feeds and reads data to a feed named onoff, which is a switch. It takes the values ON and OFF.

The class adafruit.io.rest.HttpClient contains a main that pushes data to the onoff feed, you can take a look at your Adafruit-IO dashboard and see the widget change its value, when running the code.

Similarly, the sample named adafruit.io.sample.Poll reads the feed, and will exit when its value changes. You can change the value from the Adafruit-IO dashboard, and the program will exit.

The classes depend on json.org to manage the json objects used as payload. The dependency is mentioned in the gradle build file.

To run the classes, use a command line similar to this ones:

java -cp $CP -Dkey=50c0707070c070302030a01040d020a0a0908050 adafruit.io.rest.HttpClient
java -cp $CP -Dkey=50c0707070c070302030a01040d020a0a0908050 adafruit.io.sample.Poll

The classpath and the key depend on your own configuration...

From JavaScript

See in the web directory, there is an example of the interaction with a feed defined in Adafruit-IO, written using jQuery - because it looks good, and it is easy.

Just like before, all you need is an Adafruit-IO key.

With a camera

Run the following commands:

 Prompt> sudo ./snap.loop &
 Prompt> ./snap.REST.IO <your adafruit.io key> 

Then from a browser, reach image.html, in the web directory.

To stop snap.loop, type:

 Prompt> ./kill.loop


You might be interested in this document too, on the same topic, with more options.