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busted is a unit testing framework with a focus on being easy to use. Supports Lua >= 5.1, luajit >= 2.0.0, and moonscript.

Check out the official docs for extended info.

busted test specs read naturally without being too verbose. You can even chain asserts and negations, such as assert.not.equals. Nest blocks of tests with contextual descriptions using describe, and add tags to blocks so you can run arbitrary groups of tests.

An extensible assert library allows you to extend and craft your own assert functions specific to your case with method chaining. A modular output library lets you add on your own output format, along with the default pretty and plain terminal output, JSON with and without streaming, and TAP-compatible output that allows you to run busted specs within most CI servers.

describe('Busted unit testing framework', function()
  describe('should be awesome', function()
    it('should be easy to use', function()

    it('should have lots of features', function()
      -- deep check comparisons!
      assert.same({ table = 'great'}, { table = 'great' })

      -- or check by reference!
      assert.is_not.equals({ table = 'great'}, { table = 'great'})

      assert.error(function() error('Wat') end)

    it('should provide some shortcuts to common functions', function()
      assert.unique({{ thing = 1 }, { thing = 2 }, { thing = 3 }})

    it('should have mocks and spies for functional tests', function()
      local thing = require('thing_module')
      spy.spy_on(thing, 'greet')



See CONTRIBUTING.md. All issues, suggestions, and most importantly pull requests are welcome.


You'll need libev to run async tests. Then do the following, assuming you have luarocks installed:

Install these dependencies for core testing:

luarocks install copas
luarocks install lua-ev scm --server=http://luarocks.org/repositories/rocks-scm/
luarocks install moonscript

(Note: you must have libev installed to run lua-ev; you can brew install libev or apt-get install libev-dev)

Then to reinstall and run tests:

luarocks remove busted --force
luarocks make
busted spec


Copyright 2013 Olivine Labs, LLC. MIT licensed. See LICENSE for details.