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Switch Music Box

Simple code for creating a music player with variable switches. Each switch (door knob, squeeze mechanism, etc.) will trigger a different song.

A Samba file server allows user to upload songs to the Pi.

After installing Raspian OS on an SD Card and setting up WiFi(, download the Adafruit Stereo Speaker Bonnet from

Adafruit's simple install link is:

curl -sS | bash

Open Terminal on the Raspberry Pi and go to the home directory cd ~.

Download this repo by typing git clone

Move into the directory cd /home/pi/switchmusicbox and create an empty directory with mkdir songs.

Install Samba and edit the config file to link to this directory.

Step 1: Install Samba

sudo apt install -y samba

Step 2: Edit Config File

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Add below at the end of the smb.conf file:

[musicbox songs]
 comment=musicbox share
 only guest=No
 create mask=0740
 directory mask=0750

Step 3: Create Sign-In

sudo smbpasswd -a pi

Add password when prompted.

After setting up Samba, go to Mac/PC computer to access shared drive and upload songs into the "Songs" folder by dragging in ".wav" audio files.

Attach a switch to GPIO pin 13 and GND on Raspberry Pi/Speaker Bonnet.

In Terminal on the Pi, change directories into the directory with

cd /home/pi/switchmusicbox

Test out the switch by running the program.

sudo python

If music plays when you hit the switch, and cycles to new songs, super (make sure you have WAV audio files in the Songs directory). Add the script to run on startup by changing the rc.local file found in /etc. Here we use the "nano" editor:

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

And adding above the "exit 0" line:

sudo python /home/pi/switchmusicbox/ &

Reboot the pi and see if script runs on startup.

If it does, edit code and hardware to account for additional switches. GPIO 18, 19, and 21 are taken up by the Bonnet.


Play songs using various switches off Raspberry Pi and Adafruit Stereo Speaker Bonnett



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