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A fast and powerful command-line interface for DoX.
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DoX is a feature-packed to-do list application in Python. DoXCmd allows you to add, manage and complete your tasks from the command line.

Tasks to do are stored in tasks.txt, and completed tasks in done.txt, both in the DoX folder in your home directory.

The shell command provides an interpreter to read a series of DoX commands without the prefix each time. Note load and save are only available in shell mode.


This program relies on the DoX API, which is not included in this package. You must download it, and either install it as a Python module, or provide a copy of the files (through symlink or otherwise) in a DoX folder within the DoXCmd folder.


Note that these commands start with dox, assuming these will call You may wish to set up an alias or script to do this for you.

dox list [raw] [done] [+/-<field>] [#<tag>]
dox add [<title>] [~<desc>] [0|![![!]]|!<pri>] [@<due>] [&<repeat>[*]] [#<tag>]
dox edit <id> [<title>] [~<desc>] [0|![![!]]|!<pri>] [@<due>] [&<repeat>[*]] [#<tag>]
dox info <id>
dox move <id> [<pos>]
dox done|undo <id>
dox del <id>
dox load|save
dox shell
dox help
dox exit

Listing your tasks

  • Use dox list to show all tasks in your list.
  • Append +<field to sort by> for ascending sort, or -<field> for descending.
  • Filter by tag adding #<tag>.
  • Mutliple sorts and filters can be used (sorts are applied in order).
  • Use raw to show your tasks as DoX strings (as they would appear in tasks.txt).
  • View more information on a task with dox info <id>.
  • Move tasks around in the list using dox move <id> <new position>.

Adding tasks

  • Use dox add <title> to add a quick task.
  • Add a description by appending ~<description>.
  • Wrap multiple words in quotes.
  • The priority can be set with !<level>, for a level between 0 and 3. You can also set the priority to 0, or use up to three ! marks for 1 to 3.
  • Set a due date with @<when>. Absolute and relative (eg. "tomorrow") dates/times are supported. Split the date from the time using a |.
  • Make the task repeat with &<when>. Enter a number of days or a relative time (eg. "daily"). Repeats occur from the due date; append * to repeat from today instead.
  • Assign tags using #<tag>. Multiple tags are written #<tag1> #<tag2>....

Completing tasks

  • Use dox done <id> to mark a task as complete and remove it from the list.
  • Undo a task with dox undo <id> (you can find the new ID with dox list done).
  • Use dox del <id> to remove without completing.