A lightweight UI for browsing Markdown documents.
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Notebook is a lightweight UI for browsing Markdown documents. It reads in .md files from the working directory, creating pages of rendered documents. A table of contents is also generated in the left sidebar.


Server setup

The notes.php script needs to accept all requests for your site domain or subdirectory. It will match URLs (expecting, for example, /notes/<note>) if a corresponding <note>.md file exists, or generate a 404 otherwise.

Add your notes to the directory accessible on your site. Copy or symlink to notes.php and the res directory.

Configuring all requests to go to the same script will vary by server software. Example for /notes/ with nginx:

location /notes/notes.php$ {
    # enable PHP FastCGI
location /notes/res/ {
    # noop (handle normally)
location /notes/ {
    # redirect to notes.php
    rewrite .* /notes/notes.php last;

Custom author/footer

Instead of linking directly to notes.php, create a separate file of that name:

$author = "Your Name";
$footer = "A short sentence for the footer.";
require_once "/path/to/notes.php";