Instructions and material for DataFest Tbilisi 2018 Workshop.
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Intro to the Tidyverse Workshops (Datafest Tbilisi 2018)

This repo includes the material for two workshops held in Datafest Tbilisi:

  • Data manipulation using dplyr
  • Data visualization using ggplot2

Getting Started


Option 1

Option 2 (Local)

  • Install R.
  • Install Rstudio.
  • Install the tidyverse and gapminder packages using install.packages(c("tidyverse", "gapminder")).

NOTE: For more details about R and Rstudio installation, check Installing R and RStudio section in ModernDive book.

Options 3

  • Go to
  • Click on Try Jupyter with R.
  • Install the gapminder package using install.packages("gapminder").

Basic Checks

Make sure you are not getting any errors when you execute:



The material exists in one repo, which you can download or clone using:

git Clone


The ./tutorial directory includes seperate .Rmd files with exercises and solutions.