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Commits on Mar 18, 2010
  1. @afeinberg

    Added configurable keep-alive option for socket connections.

    Michael Lambert authored afeinberg committed
        Solves problem where long standing idle tcp connections between
        clients and servers are covertly closed by intermediary firewalls.
Commits on Mar 16, 2010
  1. @afeinberg

    Improve AsyncOperationTest.

    afeinberg authored
  2. @afeinberg
  3. @kirktrue

    Clean up of the StoreVerifier to make it more obvious that it's verif…

    kirktrue authored
    …ying based on the remote metadata store. Cleans the code up a bit. Also relaxed serialization on the ClientStoreVerifier so that the actual get call occurs outside of the synchronized block. Alas, it should make no difference as there's only one thread performing verification ;)
  4. @kirktrue

    Issue 228: Improve threshold failure detector logging when node marke…

    kirktrue authored
    …d as unavailable due to exceeding request timeouts
    Clean up of the logging to output a message detailing that the timeouts have been exceeded when marking the node as unavailable. Also cleaned up the logging to only output the node ID instead of the node ID *and* all of its partitions (which, in a production system is very verbose).
  5. @kirktrue

    Issue 229: IllegalArgumentException using nio

    kirktrue authored
    Replicating the assertion in position(int newPosition) in our code so as to print a better error message in order to help debug.
  6. @afeinberg
  7. @afeinberg
  8. @Omega1 @afeinberg

    Fixed issue 230: AdminClient#addStore could fail under concurrent load

    Omega1 authored afeinberg committed
    Synchronized store addition so concurrent editting/saving of
    configuration data doesn't occur: ConfigurationStorageEngine
    does not support that.
  9. @afeinberg

    Improved AdminTool, RebalanceUtils.

    afeinberg authored
    	* Added a shell script to invoke AdminTool.
    	* AdminTool: no longer require store name.
    	* RebalanceUtils: change RebalanceUtils.propagateCluster
    	  to allow propagation to *some* of nodes in a cluster, vs.
    	  all nodes in a cluster.
  10. @afeinberg
  11. @afeinberg

    Created a command line interface to AdminClient.

    afeinberg authored
    Added support for restore from replication.
  12. @afeinberg
  13. @afeinberg
  14. @kirktrue
Commits on Mar 15, 2010
  1. @kirktrue @afeinberg

    Simulate caching requests, collect percentiles for request times.

    kirktrue authored afeinberg committed
     *  Reissuing requests to stimulate caching on the server. Wrap
        the core KeyProvider in an implementation that pulls out
        previously issued key and reuse an entry from that set
     *  Collect request times and store them in an array that is used
    	to collect percentiles. Didn't add it to the "m" case as I'm
    	not sure if that makes any sense.
  2. @kirktrue
  3. @afeinberg
  4. @afeinberg
  5. @afeinberg
  6. @afeinberg

    Added support for sending requests only to a specific node.

    afeinberg authored
        - Created a tool to filter a request file for requests destined *only*
          for a specific node.
        - Added a -node option to RemoteTest to bootstrap only from a
          specified node rather than go to node 0 of the cluster.
  7. @afeinberg
  8. @afeinberg
  9. @afeinberg
  10. @afeinberg

    Simple improvements for RemoteTest: verbose mode, ignore nulls, don't…

    afeinberg authored
    … count exceptions as succesful for throughput counts.
  11. @kirktrue

    Implemented the ability for the server-side routing based StoreVerifi…

    kirktrue authored
    …er to create metadata store based nodes on the fly. Also added a new unit test to ensure this.
  12. @afeinberg
  13. @afeinberg
Commits on Mar 13, 2010
  1. @afeinberg

    Cleaned up the asynchronous operation service.

    afeinberg authored
    	Renamed AsyncOperationRunner to AsyncOperationService.
    	Cleaned up AsyncOperationRepository.
    	Renamed AsyncOperationRepository to AsyncOperationCache.
  2. @afeinberg
Commits on Mar 9, 2010
  1. @afeinberg
  2. @afeinberg

    Fixes for serialization (Hadoop, Json) and read only utils.

    Chris Riccomini authored afeinberg committed
     - Default Serializer Factory now supports unversioned
       JsonTypeSerializers when store schema definition is "none".
     - Allow abstract store builder to use serializer factories
       other than Default Serializer Factory.
     - Fix read only utils to never return negative chunk numbers,
       even if Integer.MIN_VALUE is the key.
  3. @ijuma @afeinberg

    Fix Issue 198: NoSuchElementException in ReadRepairer

    ijuma authored afeinberg committed
    We clone the versions before doing read repair in the background.
Commits on Mar 8, 2010
  1. @afeinberg
  2. @afeinberg
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