Collection of Python Tools for Path of Exile
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Collection of Python Tools for Path of Exile.

More detailed docs:

The docs are occasionally updated until I get a build bot up - however docs can also be manually built with sphinx.

Build Status

Common problems & advisory

  • Install Python 3.4 (on windows 86x (32 bit)) to avoid issues with the UI. Pyside support in other versions is currently not available until pyside2 is released.
  • On windows 10 machines there seems to a be bug in the python install that prevents arguments being passed to the command line interface; you can identify this issue if you get a "help" listing if you supplied more then 1 argument. See this on stack overflow for possible solutions



  • Library toolkit for programmers (PyPoE/poe)
  • UI based on QT for browsing the game files
  • CLI interface for extracting/exporting data (for the wiki, more TBD)


IRC Channel:

Imporant Notes

Alpha Stage:

  • Code structure and in particular the API may change at any time
  • incomplete in many areas (check files and TODOs)
  • and tests still have to be written for a lot of things.
  • many functions and classes are not yet fully documentated

Dev branch:

  • broken code may be committed occasionally to the dev branch

Quick Setup Guide

These instructions are for the current development version of PyPoE.

  • Install Python 3.4 & git
  • make sure Python 3.4 and python scripts folder is in your %PATH% on windows
  • checkout PyPoE with git
  • go into the PyPoE folder
  • Minimum install: pip3 install -e .
  • Full install: pip3 install -e .[full]


  • UI: pypoe_ui
  • CLI: pypoe_exporter (follow the instructions)
  • API: check the individual files in PyPoE/poe/ or the docs


Credits - Libraries