Commandline CRC32, MD5 and eD2k-based hashing script also capable of reading and creating SFV and MD5 checksum files and generating eD2k links. This is an initial foray into python and github
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Original source:, have found out after I created my git repo that the original programmer added the script into his:

This script is a free software replacement of RapidCRC unicode mod (allowing me to drop another Windows dependency) and has the following goals (implemented in differing modes):

1. CRC32 hash files and compare their hashes with those embedded in their filenames.
2. Where CRC32 hashes are absent in filenames, offer to add them.
3. MD5 hash files.
4. Generate eD2k hash URIs so that they can be c&p'd to AniDB.
5. Process sfv and md5 checksum files with and without nested directories in a platform independent fashion, and cope with RapidCRC unicode mod files.
6. Create sfv and md5 checksum files.

This script is now mature, but basic feature requests are still welcome. I escaped Windows many years ago so won't be testing there, but I do welcome bug reports and I expect this script to run in a platform-independent fashion. There are no plans to wrap a GUI around this script (terminal+CLI is the universal GUI ;)), although if someone is up for it, I can make a mode to better communicate with a wrapper (I'm guessing this is needed).


Python v2.7 (compatible with Python v3.2)


Colorama module for colour support on Windows, courtesy of wiiaboo -
OpenSSL install (on Debian, specifically the libssl package) for the md4 hash used in the eD2k hashing mode.


See --help. If this is not enough and enough people are interested, I will look into better documentation methods.

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wiiaboo (Ricardo Constantino): Code fixes to support Windows command prompt, fixes to support Python v3 whilst keeping v2.x compatibility (v0.5, 0.11).
darealshinji: Implemented --no-progress and --no-special-chars (v1.2).