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A 3DS memory game!
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Memory 3DS

A memory game for Nintendo 3DS.

Have fun playing this game!

Using sf2d, sftd and sfil. Music: Upbeat Cinematic Orchestra (2014), Akashic Records SaReGaMa.

Change the music and images

You can change images and the music. Images are loaded from sdmc:/3ds/data/Memory3DS/X.png, where X is the number of the png. 0.png is the back of the cards. 1.png, 2.png [...] 10.png are card pairs. Format: PNG, 56*56 dimensions.

The music is loaded from sdmc:/3ds/data/Memory3DS/music.raw Format: Mono, Sampling rate: 44100 Hz. Raw (header-less), signed 16-bit PCM.


You should have portlibs (including sf2d, sftd and sfil) already installed to be able to compile this, ctrulib and devKitPro. Just run make and .3dsx/.cia build will come.


  • everyone who collaborated to ctrulib
  • xerpi for sf2d, sftd and sfil
  • BernardoGiordano for GUI-Template-for-3DS-homebrews
  • SaReGaMa for the music
  • and all others!
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