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YAMJ Watched File Creator
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YAMJ Watched Creator

Simple AutoIT script to create watched files for YAMJ v2

The code is provided here as anti-virus programs often mark these sort of programs as a virus.

You can download AutoIT from here


Simply run the EXE file, at the first run the program will create a INI file with the default configuration options.


The Watched Creator.ini file is used to control the behaviour of the application.

Make changes to the file and restart the application for them to take effect.

Starting Directory

Controls the directory which the program will start scanning from. Set this to the lowest level that you will use, e.g. the root of your video drive.

Default / Example:


File Types

A list of file extensions to create the watched files for.

Default / Example:


Scan BluRay folders

Creates watched files for BluRay folders.

This will create the watched file using the name of the folder that the BDMV folder is in.

Default / Example:


Scan DVD folders

Creates watched files for DVD rip folders.

This will create the watched file using the name of the folder that the VIDEO_TS folder is in.

Default / Example:


Use Custom Output Directory

The default behaviour of the application is to create watched files with the video files themselves. Changing this to True will allow you to change the directory using the OutputDir setting to one of your choosing.

Default / Example:


Output Directory

The directory to create the watched files in if the setting CustomOutputDir is True .

Default / Example:


Exclusion List

A comma separated list of words that will exclude a directory from the automatic creation of watched files.

Default / Example:


Watched File Extension

By default this is .watched but you can change this to be something more suitable for your media centre.

Remember to include the separator, such as .

Default / Example:

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