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Simple AutoIT script to set up the configuration of YAMJ v2

Release Notes

Release v0.5.1

  • Minor change because of changes to the C-200 firmware

Release v0.5

  • Updated with C-200 specific Hard-Disk Options

Release v0.4.2

  • Added better descriptive text for the IP error.
  • Added scrape library option to the library file
  • Fixed error with My_YAMJ.cmd file not pausing at the end

Release v0.4.1

  • Added option to enter a description for the library
  • Added setting to turn off path check

Release v0.4

  • Added jukebox output path
  • Will now scan for all 6 NMT share paths
  • Checks for later version of program online once a week
  • Added more options forUSB drives
  • Added more options for Hard disks (mainly for B110)
  • Corrected minor issues with the output of the cmd file
  • Updated output library file to include prebuf and description elements
  • Other minor checks and notifications added

Release v0.3

  • More fixes for library paths and other small improvements

Release v0.2

  • Added multiple library options
  • Added INI file to store IP address of NMT
  • Added skip IP address check for NMT

Release v0.1.3

  • Fix to error with the save routine

Release v0.1.2

  • Fix to local PC path name

Release v0.1.1

  • Fix to path names with spaces in them

Release v0.1

  • First release.