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The Movie DB API

Author: Stuart Boston (Omertron AT Gmail DOT com)

This API uses the TheMovieDB.org API

Originally written for use by YetAnotherMovieJukebox (YAMJv2 & YAMJv3), but anyone can feel free to use it for other projects as well.

Build Status

TMDB TV Support

Release 4.0 of the API now includes TV shows.

This has resulted in a complete re-write of the API and many of the methods and models have been re-written to support the new TV calls.


This is an excellent open database for movie and film content.

I strongly encourage you to check it out and contribute to keep it growing.


Project Logging

This project uses SLF4J to abstract the logging in the project.

To use the logging in your own project you should add one of the bindings listed HERE

Project Documentation

The automatically generated documentation can be found HERE