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I've written a guide on using Sass in email!

Find out how to start using this template by going to my Litmus Community guide.

What is Zenith?

Zenith is an email framework made easy using Sass.


  • Mobile responsive grid that automatically calculates widths from the overall width of the email
  • Easily control layout, typography, colour schemes, etc via a variables Sass file
  • Pre-set button styles that you can easily customise
  • Logical Sass statements to make life easier
  • Comes with premailer set up to easily inline code



To get started, you'll need Sass and Compass.

Install compass:

$ gem update --system
$ gem install compass

If you need more information about compass installation, please refer to its documentation.


To inline, I'm using premailer.

Once you have it installed, you just need to run the .rb ruby file I've set up by putting the following into your terminal/command line application

$ ruby config.rb

This takes your email.html from your templates folder and saves it into email.html in your inlined folder.