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Omiya Games

A prolific, award-winning experimental game studio operated by one person (@japtar10101): we challenge the player with strange and enduring experiences.


  1. template-unity-package Public template

    A Github template for creating a new Unity Package. Hit the green "User this template" next to "Clone or download" to get started!

    C# 45 11

  2. A Unity WebGL template that can be imported to your own project and be used to create WebGL games that automatically resizes itself to fit within the bounds of the web portal embedding, including f…

    HTML 26 4

  3. Multiplatform Build Settings is an Unity tool for building to multiple platforms at once, each with their own unique settings.

    C# 9

  4. uballto Public

    Welcome to Uballto, a Linux distribution for...distributing balls. That's right, in this desktop environment, dialog windows are used to guide balls to their target flags. Do you have the technical…

    HTML 2

  5. This is a template Unity project Omiya Games uses to start their game project.

    HTML 16 15


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