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This is the script that I have used to download the codechef problem statements.

Omkar Pathak,
Pune, Maharashtra, India.


  • Beautiful Soup Module

    • If you are using Debian or any Debian based Linux distro such as Ubuntu then you can install Beautiful Soup by typing apt-get install python-bs4 (for Python 2) or apt-get install python3-bs4 (for Python 3)
    • If you prefer downloading via pip you can download it by executing these commands: pip install beautifulsoup4 (for Python 2) or pip3 install beautifulsoup4 (for Python 3)
  • urllib.request module

    • This module is built-in for Python 3
    • Python 2 users can use urllib2 in the program

How to Use

  • Download or fork the repository.
  • Make sure all the requirements are satisfied.
  • Run the application by executing python3 command in your terminal.


  • Each problem statement gets downloaded and is written in a text file. The file is named according to the code name given by the codechef.


  • Each file contains the problem statement as described on the codechef website


  • Problem statements are arranged according to their level. Beginner (School), easy , medium, hard, challenge, peer (extcontest) are the levels defined by codechef



  • Add the progess bar for downloads.
  • Improve the overall execution using multitasking.