This is a small project to find similar terms in corpus of documents
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This is a small project to find similar terms in corpus of documents.

For the project I have used some tags based on news articles. These tags are extracted from various news aggregation methods. You can easily create custom dataset using the

How to Use

  • Clone the Repository:

    git clone

  • Install the dependencies by simply executing:

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt

  • Run the Term Similarity:

    python3 <word_to_search_for_similar_words>


# Suppose you have to find the similar terms for the word 'machine learning'
# Then run the following command
$python3 'machine learning'

# Output would be

   distance                     name
0  0.000000         Machine Learning
1  0.000000         machine learning
2  1.213289                 software
3  1.213289                 Software
4  1.216590  Artificial Intelligence
5  1.216590  artificial intelligence
6  1.219796     predictive analytics
7  1.224047         data & analytics
8  1.224047           data analytics
9  1.241769       big data analytics

# As we can see in the above output 'machine learning' is closely related to
# terms or words as 'big data' and 'artificial intelligence'

Built with ♥ by Omkar Pathak


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