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Fit Test 4 Mendix - Best Practices
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Omnext Fit Test 4 Mendix - Best Practices

This Github repository is to open source the Mendix best practices used by Omnext to check your Mendix model. You can fork this repository, make changes, add new rules and then create a pull request. You can also add issues.

Run the site locally

To set up your environment to develop this theme follow the installation instructions on Jekyll and run in the directory you cloned to bundle exec jekyll serve and open your browser at http://localhost:4000/. This starts a Jekyll server using your theme and the contents of the _best_practice/ directory. As you make modifications to the site, the site will regenerate and you should see the changes in the browser after a refresh.

What is the Omnext Fit Test?


Our source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test 4 Mendix is an objective and fully automated baseline measurement of your Mendix source code. Where are the problem areas as well, where are the opportunities? The test is based on Mendix Standards & Guidelines that have been completed in the system with our own expertise to put in the context of your business as equal results. As you want it. Outcome of source code analysis intelligent information to improve the business: in one upload. The different options are a Fit Test or a Stay Fit program with several Fit tests are conducted sequentially. Learn what the differences are.

Fit Test

Want to know how fit is your Mendix application? Whether you’re ready for the future and whether your software is safe? Our solution is our source code analysis: the Omnext Fit Test. We implement and the results remain available for one year. You can also opt for the Fit Test Plus, you get additional independent expert review by one of our specialists. We measure the different areas: Maintainability, Safety, Performance and Conventions. All based on Standards & Guidelines which have been drawn up by the most experienced Mendix developers. Automatic and integrated in the source code analysis.

##Stay Fit Program

The added value of software testing is hidden in the continuous measurement and improvement. A single test does give you insights, reusable test gives comparison. The right basis for continuous improvement. Stay Fit program, like the one-time source code analysis: Omnext Fit Test, built entirely on the basis of Standards & Guidelines and your own business rules. We measure what is standard, but also some specific to your situation. This in order to achieve relevant and objective results that you and your team can get to work. Optionally you can purchase a Stay Fit Plus program in which an independent expert review shall be attached to one of our experts four times a year.


The OMNEXT STAY FIT Program for Mendix:

  • Fully automated testing of dozens of Best Practices (Standards & Guidelines) for the Mendix MDD.
  • Ready to use cloud based analysis anywhere and anytime you need.
  • The Stay Fit test prevents you from making (recurring) ‘starters mistakes”.
  • Not just a report about abstract meta-data but revealing details for business engineers to actually work with.
  • Automated Peer Review to improve the knowledge and quality of your developers.

Categories of Standards & Guidelines

  • Maintainability
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Security

Typical usage scenario Any organisation where the quality of their applications and developers is key.

Features and limitations

  • Dashboard overview with all the key metrics for the quality of all your applications.
  • Quality review of the application based on ISO 25010
  • Review your application versus the Mendix Best Practices – Standards & Guidelines
    • Maintainability
    • Performance
    • Reliability
    • Security
  • Trend Analysis
  • Visual dependencies analysis (application & module level)

Requires Mendix version 6.5 or higher

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