(Unmaintained) Omni Layer Node.js RPC client (bitcoind + omnicored extensions)
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OmniClientJS (Currently unmaintained)

Omni Layer Node.js RPC client


  1. Install latest stable node and npm
  2. Install npm packages: $ npm install

Configure your Omni Core server

There are a few bitcoin.conf settings that are necessary to run these tests.

  1. Run on the Bitcoin TestNet:


  2. Tell Bitcoin/OmniCore to accept JSON-RPC commands.:


  3. Set a username and password for RPC:

    rpcuser=test-username-goes-here rpcpassword=test-password-goes-here

If you are not familiar with bitcoin.conf or Omni Core's usage of it, please reference:

Configure your client

  1. Copy the sample configuration: $ cp sample-configuration.json configuration.json
  2. Edit configuration.json and set the correct RPC username and password

Run QuickReadTests

These tests will make read-only calls via RPC to make sure that the Node Omni RPC client can connect to the Omni Core server.

  1. node QuickReadTests.js

Run OmniTests

These tests will spend Bitcoin to make Omni DEX trades. They are still a work in progress. Proceed with caution.

  1. node OmniTests.js