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package foundation.omni.scripts
import foundation.omni.CurrencyID
import foundation.omni.Ecosystem
import foundation.omni.PropertyType
import foundation.omni.test.RegTestContext
// Initialize a client, a blockchain env, and a funding source
def (client, env, funder) = RegTestContext.setup("bitcoinrpc", "pass")
// Load the manager address with some initial BTC and OMNI funds
def managerAddress = funder.createFundedAddress(1.btc, 100.divisible)
println "Created funded address: ${managerAddress}"
// Create a managed property
def creationTxId = client.createManagedProperty(managerAddress, Ecosystem.OMNI, PropertyType.INDIVISIBLE, "Test Category",
"Test Subcategory", "ManagedTokens", "",
"This is a test for managed properties")
def creationTx = client.omniGetTransaction(creationTxId)
def currencyID = new CurrencyID(creationTx.propertyid as Long)
println "created currencyID ${currencyID}"
// Can Issue Tokens
def grantTxId = client.grantTokens(managerAddress, currencyID, 100.indivisible)
// Can Send a newly issued token
def otherAddress = client.getNewAddress()
def sendTxId = client.omniSend(managerAddress, otherAddress, currencyID, 1.indivisible)
// Some checks
def totalSPT = client.omniGetProperty(currencyID).totaltokens as BigDecimal
def managerSPT = client.omniGetBalance(managerAddress, currencyID).balance
def otherSPT = client.omniGetBalance(otherAddress, currencyID).balance
println "Manager has ${managerSPT} SPT, Other has ${otherSPT}, total = ${totalSPT}"
assert totalSPT == 100.0
assert managerSPT == 99.0
assert otherSPT == 1.0