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@dexX7 dexX7 released this May 3, 2019

v0.5.0 is a major release and consensus critical in terms of the Omni Layer protocol rules. An upgrade is mandatory, and highly recommended. Prior releases may not be compatible with new behaviour in this release.

Note: the first time you run this version, all Omni Layer transactions are reprocessed due to an database update, which may take 30 minutes up to several hours.

Please report bugs using the issue tracker on GitHub:

Table of contents

Upgrading and downgrading

How to upgrade

If you are running Bitcoin Core or an older version of Omni Core, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down, then copy the new version of omnicored, omnicore-cli and omnicore-qt. On Microsoft Windows the setup routine can be used to automate these steps.

During the first startup historical Omni transactions are reprocessed and Omni Core will not be usable for approximately 15 minutes up to two hours. The progress of the initial scan is reported on the console, the GUI and written to the debug.log. The scan may be interrupted, but can not be resumed, and then needs to start from the beginning.


Downgrading to an Omni Core version prior to 0.5.0 is generally not advised as older versions may not provide accurate information due to the changes in consensus rules.

Compatibility with Bitcoin Core

Omni Core is based on Bitcoin Core 0.13.2 and can be used as replacement for Bitcoin Core. Switching between Omni Core and Bitcoin Core may be supported.

Upgrading to a higher Bitcoin Core version is generally supported, but when downgrading from Bitcoin Core 0.15, Omni Core needs to be started with -reindex-chainstate flag, to rebuild the chainstate data structures in a compatible format.

Downgrading to a Bitcoin Core version prior to 0.12 may not be supported due to the obfuscation of the blockchain database. In this case the database also needs to be rebuilt by starting Omni Core with -reindex-chainstate flag.

Downgrading to a Bitcoin Core version prior to 0.10 is not supported due to the new headers-first synchronization.

Notable changes

Fix startup issue of Omni Core

During startup, when reloading the effect of freeze transactions, it is checked, whether the sender of a freeze transaction is the issuer of that token and thus allowed to freeze tokens. However, if the issuer of the token has been changed in the meantime, that check fails. Such a fail is interpreted as state inconsistency, which is critical and causes a shutdown of the client.

With this change, historical issuers are persisted and can be accessed for any given block. When there is an issuer check, it now checks against the issuer at that point, resolving the startup issue.

Please note: the internal database of Omni Core is upgraded, which triggers a reparse of Omni Layer transactions the first time this version is started. This can take between 30 minutes and a few hours of processing time, during which Omni Core is unusable!

Speed up RPC "omni_listpendingtransactions"

When adding a transaction to the mempool, a quick and unsafe check for any Omni Layer markers is done without checking transaction validity or whether it's malformed, to identify potential Omni Layer transactions.

If the transaction has a potential marker, then it's added to a new cache. If the transaction is removed from the mempool, it's also removed from the cache.

This speeds up the RPC omni_listpendingtransactions significantly, which can be used to list pending Omni Layer transactions.

Rename OMNI and TOMNI to OMN and TOMN

To be more algined with other symbols and tickers the following changes in wording are made:

  • Omni, referring to the native tokens of the Omni Layer protocol, becomes Omni tokens
  • Test Omni, referring to the native test tokens of the Omni Layer protocol, becomes Test Omni tokens
  • OMNI, referring to the symbol of Omni tokens, becomes OMN
  • TOMNI, referring to the symbol of Test Omni tokens, becomes TOMN

While this is change is mostly cosmetic - in particular it changes the code documentation, RPC help messages and RPC documentation - it also has an effect of the RPCs omni_getproperty 1 and omni_getproperty 2, which now return a text with the updated token and symbol names.

Change log

The following list includes relevant pull requests merged into this release:

- #907 Update version to to indicate development
- #910 Add marker cache to speed up omni_listpendingtransactions
- #925 Store historical issuers and use that data
- #908 Rename OMNI and TOMNI to OMN and TOMN
- #931 Bump version to Omni Core 0.5.0
- #932 Add release notes for Omni Core 0.5.0


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

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