Help, I changed my password and now I can't login!

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Your Wallet ID and Password are the two keys needed to access your Omniwallet. Generally if you lose these you'll lose access to your Omniwallet and any funds secured within it (unless you have the private keys backed up elsewhere).

Fortunately there is still some magic we can do behind the scenes to help you recover a lost/changed password.

  1. If you used a password manager/generator and copied your password when you changed it try adding a 'space' after your password. Some password mangers can accidentally include a space when the password is highlighted.
  • ex: If your password is 'securepassword12' try entering 'securepassword12 '

If that doesn't work then reach out to us at with your current Wallet ID. We can revert your wallet to a previous version before your password changed.

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