Help, my password isn't working I can't login

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Have you recently enabled MFA protection on your account? If you have enabled MFA protection you MUST ENTER your MFA token when attempting to login. If you have not enabled MFA protection ensure the MFA token field is not enabled when you attempt to login.

Beyond MFA protection, we have seen issues in the past with users storing/saving passwords in password managers, spreadsheets, different browser password savers and later on having difficulty logging into their account using the previously saved passwords.

It appears that sometimes these password sources might introduce extra unicode characters when copying/pasting your password into the login form. If you experience these issues you can try the following steps:

  • Paste your password into a plain text editor, something that does not have any special markup and then try copying it out from there
  • On Windows try notepad
  • On Mac/Linux/Windows you can try sublimetext
  • Manually type your password into the login page
  • Try a different browser
  • We have seen a rare bug in which a user created a wallet in firefox using a password from a password manager but couldn't login to the wallet on chrome and vice versa. One of the browsers misinterpreted a unicode character in the pasted password which ended up causing it to be unique to that browser
  • Try a different OS. Have you recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10? We have had a user who created a wallet on Windows 7, stored their password in an encrypted Word file. When they decrypted the file on Windows 8 it didn't work, going back to a Windows 7 computer solved their issue.
  • Most likely this was related to the different versions of Word and how the interpreted the decrypted file but be aware.

Any change in your software/storage procedures could impact your saved password and ability to use it. The safe course of action is to test/verify that your password works before and after you make any significant changes to how you save/store it.

If you add a new address to your wallet, logout then log back in to make sure it saved and you didn't change something else by accident.

It is wise to make sure you ALWAYS have an up-to-date backup/export of your wallet addresses.

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