How do I Backup\Export my wallet \ access my private keys?

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On the 'Overview' page you can export a copy of your wallet.

This backup file is a json formatted file which contains every address and private key (if known) for the current addresses in your wallet at the time of backup.

Steps to Backup/Export your wallet:

  1. Login to your Omniwallet
  2. Navigate to the 'Overview' page
  3. Click 'Wallet Options' -> 'Backup Wallet'
  4. Confirm your wallet password
  5. Confirm the Backup name for the file (Default will be your Wallet ID)
  6. Select the Addresses you want to backup/export
  • Trading Addresses: An address that has a known private key.
    • You can create/sign/broadcasts transactions with these addresses.
  • Offline Addresses: A limited address whose private key is maintained offline in Armory.
    • Transactions can be created but can only be signed offline with Armory.
  • Watch Addresses: An address with no private key you want to trick balance information for only.
    • No transactions can be created.
  1. Confirm the export/backup.
  2. Your file will be saved/downloaded to your browsers default download location with the .json
  3. You can open up this file with any standard text editor to view the contents.
  • We do not recommend modifying the file contents/format as it can disrupt the ability to restore/import the backup file.

Important: Your backup file is a snapshot of your wallet contents at the time you created it. If you add new addresses to your wallet you should immediately create a new backup, replacing your old backup.

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