Importing a mnemonic recovery phrase or xprv private key to Omniwallet

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At the moment Omniwallet does not natively support importing Mnemonic recovery phrases or XPRIV formatted private keys. This is because these represent more than 1 address so in order to import the address you want you first need to extract the specific private key for the address contained within.

Tools Required:


  1. On your offline machine load up / open the offline version of the bip39 site
  2. Either Enter your recovery phrase under the BIP39 Mnemonic section or if you have an xprv enter it under the BIP32 Root Key section
  3. Scroll down to the 'Derivation path' and select the corresponding option used by your wallet software
    • Note: the default configuration options under BIP32, BIP44, ... should generally work. If you are having difficulty locating your address in the 'Derived Addresses' list you will need to consult the wallet software providers support documents or helpdesk for any special configuration information they utilized.
  4. Once you have select the appropriate 'Derivation Path' and updated any applicable path configuration details scroll down to the 'Derived Addresses' section
  5. You should see a list of addresses, public keys and private keys which should match the list of addresses used by your wallet.
  6. Find the corresponding address you wish to import and copy the private key from the 'Private Key' column
  7. If your address starts with 1 you may now follow these instructions to Import a private key into Omniwallet
  8. If your address starts with 3 please continue on to our article about Recovering Funds from a Segwit Address
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