Omni Protocol Cost

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All Omni protocol transactions are, at their base, bitcoin transactions with the Omni Protocol data encoded/embedded in the transaction. This means any send of an Omni issued asset, like Maidsafe/Amp/Tether/etc..., requires some BTC on the sending address to create the transaction.

While we try to minimize this fee, the design of the Omni Protocol still utilizes certain Bitcoin Network features which require bitcoin outputs (destination addresses, network/miner fees) in order to be valid.

Before any Omni issued asset can be sent, your wallet will check and display the amount of BTC required for the transaction to be created and completed. If your wallet does not have enough BTC you will see a warning/error message displayed.

To proceed, simply send more BTC to the address you are currently trying to use. Since BTC network miner fee's are calculated dynamically, you should send more than just the currently displayed difference. Otherwise you may find yourself constantly trying to send BTC and the dynamically calculated miner fee constantly increasing

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