Protocol Test Cases

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Protocol Test Cases

This page lists the use cases in Omniwallet that test the generation and transmission of Master Protocol transactions, including responding to return codes. Strictly speaking, these use cases don't directly test error detection and handling at the UI level, but those aspects will be exercised in the process of trying to generate the MP transactions.

This page should be updated as necessary when new information is available.

The list should include all known edge cases, e.g. for a wallet, an address, server state.

Transferring Coins

Simple Send (tx0)

Send to Owners (tx3)

Sell Offers (Distributed Exchange)

Create Sell Offer (tx20, Action=1)

Update Sell Offer (tx20, Action=2)

Cancel Sell Offer (tx20, Action=3)

Accept Sell Offer (tx22)

Send a Payment (tx0)

Smart Properties

Create Crowdsale (tx51)

Close Crowdsale (tx53)

Participate in Crowdsale (tx0)

Create Smart Property with Fixed Number of Tokens (tx50)

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