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Using the OmniDex

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Navigating/Opening the OmniDex Interface

To get started first navigate to the OmniDex interface:

  • This can be accomplished by clicking on the 'Exchange' tab.
  • The 'OmniDex' tab will be the default selection.
  • Overview

Market Currency

  • The Market Currency is the Token/Asset you want all your Market orders to be priced in.
  • By Default the Market Currency is set to Omni #1.
  • You can change the Market Currency to any other Token/Asset that has active orders. This can be completed by choosing the preferred Market Currency from the drop down list.
  • Market Currency

Select A Market

  • After you have selected your Market Currency the first Active market is automatically selected and the current active market is indicated by the 'Invert Pair' button
  • Invert Pair
  • You can use the 'Invert Paid' button to easily swap the Current Market and Market Currency
  • You can see in this example that the Maidsafe market is currently selected and active.
  • Active
  • You can select/change the Market by clicking on the Property name for the desired Market.
  • Markets

Viewing the Orderbook

  • Scrolling down the page below the Markets will reveal the current Orderbook.

  • You can see both sides of the orderbook (Buy and Sell) are listed with the relevant order information.

  • Orderbook

  • All orders display the following information about the order:

  • Order Count: The count of how many orders exist at this price. You can click the Order Count to see the specifics of which orders make up the row

  • Amount: The sum of the Amount Selling/Buying of all orders at this price point.

  • Total: The sum of all the Amount's up to this row and before it. Basically the total amount Selling/Buying at this price or better.

  • Price: The effective Unit Price of the order. If you wanted to Match against this order this is the price you would need to pay.

Place an Order

Just above the orderbook are the order forms. You can place your Buy/Sell Orders using these forms.

  • First select the address you want to place the order from
  • Select Address
  • Note: The addresses Current Available Balance in BTC and the Balance of the Appropriate Market Tokens are displayed at the Bottom of the Orderform. When the Numbers are RED in indicates the entered information in the field is invalid
  • Then you can enter the price you want to pay in the Market Currency and either the Amount to Buy/Sell or the Total.
  • Note: the form will automatically calculate the Amount To Buy/Sell or the Total Cost/Desired fields when you enter information into the other two fields.
  • You can modify the miner fee by clicking on the Transaction Cost edit button at the bottom of the field
  • Miner Fee
  • Once all the fields have been filled in and are valid the green 'Next' button will become enabled and allow you to proceed to the Review and Confirm modal.
  • Once you are happy with the information broadcast the transaction, otherwise cancel/close the modal to change the order information.

Pending Orders

  • All Pending orders should show up in the orderbook relatively quickly and will be highlighted with a blue bar/background.
  • Pending
  • Pending Orders are orders on the blockchain that have not confirmed. They may or may not be valid and their validity can ONLY be determined once confirmed.
  • Once the pending order confirms it will be checked for validity and any matches against open orders.
  • If it matches and is filled it will disappear.
  • If it is not filled then its background will clear and if it did not match against an order in book .

Reviewing/Cancelling Active Orders

  • Any open unfilled orders (both Pending and Confirmed) will be displayed under the 'My Active Offers for <Market/Market Currency>' heading.
  • Active
  • Orders that are pending will have the same blue background above
  • Confirmed orders will show the current Amounts remaining For Sale/To Fill and will have an option to cancel the Offer if you wish.

Starting A New Market

  • If the Market Currency/Pair does not exist for the Market you want to sell/buy on you can start a new market.
  • Simply click the 'Start Market' Button on the OmniDex Page
  • Start Market
  • Then fill in the 'Open New Market' Form
  • New Market
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