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Feb 3, 2017

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###(The hackable IDE)


Runtime prerequisites

Please ensure you've got Mono 4.0.1 or later installed if you're on OS X/Linux. Or .NET 4.5.1 on Windows.

If you want to work on a DNX application then you will also need to have dnvm installed. Please refer to the instructions detailed in the aspnet/home repository.


From the packages settings inside Atom:

  • install omnisharp-atom

From the command-line:

apm install omnisharp-atom

To use

  • Open a c# file

  • or open a scriptcs file

When the flame icon in the bottom left corner turns green, the server has started!


  • F12 or cmd-d Go to definition - can also ctrl-click or cmd-click shift-alt-t or ctrl-, Find type
  • ctrl-F12 Go to implementation
  • shift-F12 Find usages
  • F8, shift-F8 Go to next/previous usage
  • ctrl-k, ctrl-d Format document
  • ctrl-k ctrl-c Comment selection
  • f2 Rename
  • ctrl-alt-down Navigate downwards through methods
  • ctrl-alt-up Navigate upwards through methods
  • Completions appear as you type. To select an item, press Return or the TAB key.
  • Type lookup on mouse over or from cursor (f1).
  • Editor adornments (squigglies) appear for errors and code hints as you type.
  • Automatic Package restore for DNX applications when you save project.json files
  • Enjoy!

Test Runner

  • ctrl-r ctrl-a Run all tests
  • ctrl-r ctrl-f Run all fixture tests
  • ctrl-r ctrl-t Run single test
  • ctrl-r ctrl-l Run last test


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